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Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's been a long, long time

It's been a very long time (like years) since my last little entry. Sam will be 5 years old on Monday! My how time does fly. He is a very energetic, happy, loving, stubborn, and smart little boy. He doesn't love doing his work at preschool but loves most everything else. Planes, cars, monster trucks, Legos, Ninja Turtles, and heavy equipment are a few of his favorite things to play with these days. Trampolines and inflatables are at the top of the list as well. We are still trying to get him to want to ride a bicycle, but he would rather push it than attempt to get on and pedal. We will continue working on this.
   I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten beginning in August. Where did my tiny 2 lb 12 oz grunting baby go??
   Sam (and the rest of the Hicks household) will have a big adjustment before long. We have a sweet little baby girl on the way. Sam is super excited about baby sister and has already been a BIG helper. I hope this excitement stays once she is here.
   This blog that was started for Sam 5 years ago has been so great. I have the best memories of updating all his progress while we were in the NICU and giving updates here and there over the years. I believe he will love going back through all this stuff one day to see what a little miracle he is and how God has had His hand on him since he was in the womb. Because this blog is all about Sam, I believe that I will start a family of 4 blog that Sam and baby sister will be able to enjoy one day. This is the best way I know to document our little journey as we enjoy life together.