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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Celebrating Daddy's "30th" !

Wow!! What a year. I can't believe that Sam is 9 months old already. Which also means in 3 months he will be a year old! This has been quite a year. As I thought about everything that we have experienced in 2009 I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness of the Great and Mighty God we serve and worship. He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with the most precious little man that we fall more in love with each day. I never imagined that I could love something so much. He brings smiles and tears of happiness to my face so very often. I was thinking about our time in the NICU this past week. Some of the memories are so vividly etched in my mind but what I remember the most is the first time I saw Sam in his little bed (box). I remember his birth being such a special, yet scary time. Then he was here and I automatically felt so close to him even though I couldn't even touch my very own son. I had naturally weighed all of the outcomes of his birth and thought about how hard it would be if the Lord decided to take him to heaven. As hard as that would've been I knew that God would have still been in control and provided the peace needed for a situation like that. As I rethought all of those thoughts this Christmas, the birth of Christ was so much more special to me. I thought about Mary and how scared but obedient she and Joseph were. (having your child in a manger!!) I thought about God and how hard it must have been sending his only son to us sinners knowing the outcome was death on the cross. How thankful I am this Christmas season to have celebrated the greatest birth in the world and the grace that was shown for me and my sins when God sent Jesus to us. Having your own son seems to put so many more things into perspective for me. I am so very blessed to have Sam and family and friends that have prayed for us and been there for us to help us through a year like we've never experienced before. Merry Christmas 2009! We are looking forward to a fun-filled 2010!