Pics October 2010 - March 2011

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

Waiting calmly for the ekg to be done.

The long awaited cardiologist appoint for Sam was this past Friday. As most of you recall, Sam was born with a heart murmur that we were told would correct on its own when he was a little bigger. Well, we are going to be 1 yr old March 31st! Can you believe it? One whole entire year. It seems like just yesterday I was fussing with the dr about my blood pressure and I was fine just let me go home and give me some meds...I didn't need to go to Montgomery. Anyway, Sam's heart murmur has been 'unchanged', which is why the pediatrician wanted to just "get a look at it". This past Monday we went for the "look". The drs come from B'ham so we have been waiting for months. Of course as always, I was very nervous about the whole thing. Sam was a champ. It was funny how comfortable he seemed in the hospital room with all the equipment. They did an EKG and an Echo cardiogram. The echo showed that Sam has 2 possibly 3 holes in his atrium wall. (the wall that separates the right and left side of his heart, I believe) The dr said it is called ASD, atrial septal defect. This kinda caught me off guard because so many people have heart murmurs, I just wasn't expecting it I guess. They said taht he doesn't need any special meds or any restrictions at this time. The dr will see him again when he is 2yrs old. Then before Sam starts school (4 or 5) we will go to B'ham and they will do a little procedure to fix the holes that will allow the tissue to grow and form the wall completely.

It was a big blow at first for this mama but God quickly started reminding me how far He has brought us and this to is in His hands. Sunday, before the appointment, I was cleaning out some stuff at home and found a chart that I made when we brought our 4lb baby home from Montgomery. As I reviewed the information like, how much Sam was drinking and using the bathroom, a huge smile came over me. I guess you just forget things that you go through when new phases begin. We were working to get 30 ccs in at a feeding when we came home. Boy and girls - that is only 1 oz. I found some of his first diapers that had his footprints on them and this first bottle with the date on it. Which was Apr. 21st. He was almost a month old before he had his first bottle! We have seen our little man come so far. He is so fun and loving. His smile just melts my heart. I know that the asd is a scary thing for me, but I have been continuously reminded the entire past week of how strong Sam is and the strength that our Lord has provided for Jeff and me over the past year. I know that He will continue to watch over us and carry us throughout Sam's life whatever it might bring our way. The dr said there was a very minimal chance that the holes would close on their own, but hey, Sam could be that minimal chance. Nothing is impossible. It certainly wouldn't be the first time God fixed a human heart. (; We are praying that He will allow those holes to close, but if He chooses not to, then we are still trusting in Him to guide the drs for the best treatment for Sam. We are so thankful and praise our Lord for everything He has done for us and the blessings that He pours out on us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Snow Day in Dothan

Wow, after doubting Conner Vernon and DCS for closing down for snowy weather, I can honestly say that I enjoyed being off work for a snow day. We had so much fun playing in the snow. We would be the 4 adults at the house today, not the 10 month old that just stared at it falling. Sam might not ever see snow in his front yard again like it was today. I took tons of pictures to tell him about it one day soon. Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful blanket of snow like we did on Folkes Lane.